Age: 22 (at the creation of this site)
DOB: June 16, 2000
From: Germany
Height: 5ft 2in (1.56m)
Breast/Bust Size: 34B (EU 75C)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Shoe Size: 6 (EU 37)
Dress Size: X-Small – Small (EU 34)

So a few words about me. I love it when people compliment me again. Of course I would also like to be told clearly where it goes and what we do now. Otherwise I am rather the good girl from next door. What I absolutely hate, however, are arrogant machos who find themselves best. For this I just love men no matter what age, who know what they want. Yes otherwise I go full with pleasure To the cinema, am often in the thermal bath or the sauna, go of course super with pleasure shopping and do now and then sport! At home I love to take care of my little baby, like to bake and yes schmei├č the household. I try super like new things. (so dare to ask anything). Puh otherwise yes you can always lure me with healthy food just like with sushi. And in the evening lying on the couch beautiful in lingerie and watch a love movie is exactly mine.

Otherwise, you still want to know some intimate details? Yes, definitely! Yes what gibts on my body, so far I had no money for tattoos or piercings, but that should change. Due to a small genetic defect I have the super problem that I am permanently wet. (no fun I’m always super wet, so cool that sounds, it is sometimes very annoying …). My favorite sex positions are clearly 1. riding 2. doggy and 3. missionary. I love to ride because you can knead my natural breasts beautifully and I have complete control. In return, I also love to give back the control in doggy. I like to stand on both sides of the whip, if you know what I mean. Otherwise, yes gibts many things that I like to do, from bondage to wax games to gyn examinations, giving milk and anpinkeln ­čÖé

THAT’S ME. I hope I still please you and have aroused your interest.

Your Niki